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Alexis Courcoux – Association la Mora – Guillaume le Conquérant

The non-profit-making La Mora – Guillaume le Conquérant association was officially set up on 2 February 2018 in Honfleur with three main missions: to bring Mora back to life through a show site open to the public, to create a scenographic journey, and to be a lever for employment, integration and training.
To date the association boasts around twenty volunteer members and it has already gathered together a number of enthusiasts around this project spanning several specialist committees. On 18 June 2022, Olivier Pagezy, who previously filled the role of vice-president, was elected president of the La Mora – Guillaume le Conquérant association at the last annual general meeting.

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"Shortly before his passing, Alain Bourdeaux asked me to take over from him as president of the La Mora – Guillaume le Conquérant association. Naturally enough I accepted, given that I was available after working for 20 years as treasurer and then president of the Hermione – La Fayette Association."

" I don’t share Alain’s Norman ties, but I am very sensitive to the values of this project, which has a great deal in common with that of L’Hermione. Work on Mora is on the right track now and I’m confident it will be a success with the site due to open to the public in the autumn of 2023.

In line with Alain’s wishes, the adventure to rebuild Mora is a regional project, which ought to benefit the whole of Normandy. In addition to its cultural and touristic appeal, it is intended to serve as a reminder of the outstanding maritime history that colours the whole of Normandy. I’m also eager to develop the project’s training-integration aspect, as we did with L’Hermione. "

"I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the support of the local authorities, and the Calvados department in particular, which has made the East Pier site within the fabulous setting of the port of Honfleur available to us. I’d also like to thank the State, through the Fonds Friches (funding for renovating derelict spaces), as well as the banks, for supporting us with this project. Going forward, we will also require sponsors, individuals and companies sensitive to this project’s community dimension. We’d especially like numerous Norman companies to join us as a partner or sponsor. In the same spirit, we’re keen to rally together descendants of William the Conqueror’s companions, whether they be French or English, to honour the memory of their ancestors and help to reconcile our two countries."

Alain’s disappearance has deeply affected us, but it has also increased tenfold our desire to bring this project to a successful conclusion, with all those wishing to play their part. Let’s make this human and maritime adventure a project for the whole of Normandy !”

Olivier Pagezy, President of the La Mora – Guillaume le Conquérant association