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“Les Amis de la Mora” (Friends of Mora), an Endowment Fund created on the initiative of the La Mora - Guillaume le Conquérant association, aims to collect tax deductible donations for natural persons or legal entities under sponsorship. The latter provides valuable support in bringing Mora (back) to life and funding community actions associated with the project to rebuild the ship. Training youngsters in marine construction, educating school and university students about the world of the sea, rediscovering lost skills and techniques, recounting Normandy’s maritime history, rekindling an ancient friendship between France and England, these are all challenges that ‘Les Amis de la Mora’ is keen to take up and that require everyone’s support.

Should you require further information about the ‘Les Amis de la Mora’ Endowment Fund and the donations,

please contact Aurélie Findinier :

Association la Mora – Guillaume le Conquérant

07 60 32 91 30