The project

A boat from the past
geared towards a project for the future

The La Mora - Guillaume le Conquérant association is keen to make the show site a gateway to the training, integration and employment of young people. Its aim is to create a genuine mentoring scheme around the various professions carried out at the site in connection with protagonists from the region’s institutions and associations, as well as partner companies. " The association won’t be a training centre, rather it will be a purveyor of placements and a networking platform for the various protagonists involved in the adventure. Moreover, a sponsorship system will be set up to support the beneficiaries in their search for training, placement or employment,”explains Aurélie Findinier, executive officer of the association.

3D visual of the buildings after the restoration of the East Pier site

training pathways

The training modules or placements are of particular appeal to youngsters aged 16 to 25, of all study levels: secondary school students, general students, youngsters suffering vocational disorientation, outside the school system or out of the employment market, students at the end of their studies and students on block-release or apprenticed. The scope of the activities put in place within the context of the show site will enable a wide range of placement propositions to be offered from the domains of boat building to public hospitality, bookshops, shops, ticket office, guided tours, site maintenance and administrative services… This site will also be an opportunity for some companies to train up their own apprentices, particularly in the shipwright domain. A final module will involve the training of the future crew of Mora! Seasonal jobs should also be on offer.

Alexis Courcoux - Association la Mora - Guillaume le Conquérant

Creating vocations

Whatever the duration of the training, one week, one or three months, the aim is that the time spent at the site is conducive to learning all about how a company operates and understanding the true meaning of teamwork in a venue with extensive socio-professional diversity, within the context of an association. “This project is also intended to be a lever for the creation of vocations, explains Denis Staderoli, head of the association’s Training-Integration Committee. We’ll notably be working with the region’s schools to play host to them once or several times a year in a bid to inspire the children through this work. This action may well trigger something in them or give them direction in their future career!” Moreover, a hub of marine-related professions, equipped with digital screens, will have self-service access on the site.