The project

The show site for the reconstruction of Mora is accompanied by an immersive scenographic and educational project recounting the amazing epic of the Norman Conquest and, more broadly, the maritime history of Normandy. In this way, an old industrial style brick building from the late 19th century spanning around 500 m2 on the East Pier site will be restored to accommodate a tour route encompassing four themed, chronological rooms – with a fifth room dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

Four rooms,
four themes

Through lighting effects and special effects, recreated sets and touchscreens, visitors will be placed at the centre of the story where they can enjoy an immersive experience. A voice-over, that of a shipwright who is a descendant of the Vikings, will serve as the common theme guiding them throughout the tour. The four rooms – Yggdrasill - world tree, The scriptorium, Aboard Mora, Normandy, a land of marine adventurers – will present all the themes and special ambiances using a chronological approach.

©La prod est dans le pré

©La prod est dans le pré

Upon entering the space, visitors will be plunged into the dark and magical atmosphere of Nordic mythology, explaining the Vikings’ contribution to ship building and to 11th century Normandy. The preparations for the expedition, the conquest of southern Italy and Sicily by the Normans, a prelude to that of England, the sea crossing, as well as the Battle of Hastings, will also be at the heart of the scenography. Through the magic of special effects, visitors will be able to hear the wood creaking, feel the breath of the horses, the wind picking up and the rolling of the boat as she makes for England. The tour will also endeavour to showcase the Normans’ spirit of adventure and innovation, notably shining a spotlight on the invention of the marine propeller in Honfleur’s Old Basin in 1832 by one Frédéric Sauvage...

The Bayeux Tapestry
takes centre stage

Thanks to the perfect synergy between the Bayeux Tapestry Museum and the scientific committee, the scenography will also include several scenes from the famous tapestry and scene 38 in particular, in which Mora appears. The scenography is entrusted to La prod est dans le pré, based in La Rochelle (video production service) and Spectaculaire, based in Saint-Thurial, Brittany (3D effects). These two specialists have already worked on several scenographic projects, many of them in Normandy.